Coriander Seeds

Botanical name :- Coriandrium Sativum
Hsn code:- 09109990
Common Names :- Dhaniya, dhana, Kothmiri, coriander

India holds the first position in terms of production and exporting of coriander. India contribute around 50-60% in the total world production. In India Madhya Pradesh is the largest coriander producing state accounting for about 60% followed by Gujrat with about 15%, Rajasthan and Assam with 8% each of total coriander seed production.

India is the largest exporter of coriander nearly 34% of the world exports

Sowing time :- Optimum time of sowing coriander is October-November.
Harvesting time :- January – February

When coriander is harvested farmers dry it in sunlight for a week and then undergo threshing and cleaning process.

Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh is the city famous for various spices and herbs and its also one of the largest coriander producing city. Coriander is selected for neemuch by state goverment’s One District One Product scheme. Coriander of Neemuch is recognized globally for its quality and we Ekagya Exports Pvt. Ltd is the largest supplier and exporter of coriander seeds from India we purchase raw coriander seeds from agriculture produce market yard and we also purchase high quality coriander seeds directly from farmers and after purchasing we clean the coriander seeds in our own cleaning machines and make the export quality coriander seeds.

Qualities of Coriander In India

There are four types of qualities of coriander In India

  1. Badami Coriander
  2. Eagle Coriander
  3. Scooter Coriander
  4. Parrot Coriander

Flow chart of coriander market

A. Raw Produce(coriander)
(Brought by farmers to mandis)

B. Cleaning Process – We clean and grading coriander seeds in our highly tech sorting and grading machines in our Ekagya Exports processing units.

C. Coriander Uses – Coriander is used in spices industry and pharma industries for making lot of spices powders, oils, and medicines.

Forms of coriander :- Leaves, seeds, powder, essential oil and extract.

Uses of coriander :- All parts of the plants are edible, but the fresh leaves and dried seeds are mostly used in cooking and it also used as medicine and raw material in the beverage and pharmaceutical Industries.

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